Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build on my land?

Yes – If you are considering purchasing, we advise consulting with your contractor before finalizing the purchase so you can make an informed decision regarding any challenges or concerns your purchase could present.

Can you give me your “Price per Square Foot” to build?

For the “Shell” we can give a ballpark figure. The Shell price does not include Foundation or Finishes. Each site has unique challenges so the Foundation can have large variance in cost. The Finishes are what you want, we do not have a set menu; so this can also have a huge range.  For the best estimate every detail needs to be outlined, we typically revise the proposal 3 times or more to clarify as many details before construction begins. As this takes many hours, the Ballpark estimate is free; a Permittable Proposal package we need to cover the cost of our time.

Don’t forget the Big 4, before the House

When building on your land, especially in the Rural areas, there are 4 items that can be big ticket items and do not buy any house

  1. Driveway, or access – Considerations: length, width and materials (paving, gravel, other?)
  2. Power – where is the utilities connection point?
  3. Water – hook up or digging well?
  4. Sewer hook-up or Septic (conventional or pressurized system)?
What is the difference between a Bid and Proposal/Estimate?

Bid: we will do this for this amount. We do not provide Bids.

Proposal/Estimate: with the information available, we expect the cost to be this amount.

New Creation Construction works to understand the goal for your project; we will re-visit the Proposal until you are comfortable with the scope of work and the Estimate.  

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